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Friday, February 01, 2008

Gastronomic Trivia

Petits pains aux legumes is Pav Bhaji.


Finny Forever said...

give up cricket. take tennis.

Ubermensch said...

Nyah man. Tennis is the closest you can get to an item number. Like lots of thighs and calves, grunting, moaning. End of the show they just shake hands and run to separate showers. And no thinking, Just work on reflexes and pray ur opponent gets dehydrated before you go into renal failure. I wud rather play squash whcih makes u think a bit more, tahn just run around in forward n revrse gears.

Cricket is nice mind fucking. Tests are eternal love affairs; one days are flings. T20s are nothing its just alley cricket, except boys get paid.

Finny Forever said...

eeuuuhm, cricketers wear their cabaret thighs&calves international under bumbling styrofoam, coaxing them occassionaly to run between sticks or after a stray bawl. and where did you get the idea of your timid cricketers frolicking in communal showers? not even part of the game let alone an item theyd win at.
ps - whos next on pigmy

Ubermensch said...

You see the commentary is better in cricket. Upto you re: Pigmy.

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