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Monday, August 13, 2007

Sort of rant.

Between downloading songs and making birthday calls, I have spent the last thirty minutes of my life, reading blogs from the Indian blogosphere I notice a lot of people writing absolutely mindless stuff , like hey its wrong to be judgemental or hey that’s a generalization etc.

I want to say just this. Consider it as learning or if worst prejudice.

I am because I judge people. If I am not judgemental what am I supposed to do-- Breathe in and breathe out? Even a potato can do that. It is our judgement which makes us what we are, the point however is, to borrow a unique phrase from a certain unshaved gentleman, to change it.

And to change it , you should be open to reason.

Next, -- try placing your tender palm over a burning candle, even before you realise you would have withdrawn it into safety. Now do it again. And again. Well, if you have done it thrice as I had asked you, there is something wrong with you. Because even a two day old lab rat knows better.

And that’s the basic tenet of functioning of consciousness, first to associate the various stimuli and subsequent responses into wholes which are then generalised by learning. We learn because we associate and generalise. The point as usual is how rational would you be with your generalisation.

Over and out.


Bit Hawk said...

Yeah, even I dont understand this "I-am-so-righteous-coz-I-dont-judge" attitude of people. We all should think, we should judge. Yes, we may be prejudiced and can go wrong in our judgement. But, as long as we are open to change our judgements and move on, we should be okay!

Ubermensch said...

It is the policy of the blog not to engage with anyone who totally concurrs with the content of teh post.

educatedunemployed said...

And it takes the whole of Indian blogosphere to get an almost intelligible post out of you? With a human touch at that?!

All praise be to the Indian Blogosphere. :D

Ubermensch said...

Frankly I am not able to figure your phrase-- almost intelligible post.

If the definition of a intelligible post is filling the lacunae in emotional and educational lives of others, I am afraid, we do not engage in such purposes.

But, however, should any reader, wants to clarify the post, he/she is most welcome but only at the risk of exposing his/her own inadequacies.

And praise to the Indian blogosphere, is least relevant to the context. Please.

educatedunemployed said...

Intelligible: Capable of being understood.

By me of course, clearly pointing to my own inadequacy of being unable to decipher what is it that you mean, most of the time.

I apologise. There is no place for my sense of humour on this blog. I clearly stepped out of line.

Ubermensch said...

Apologies accepted and valued.

Trust me , I for one do not believe in drawing the lines, as long as things are within reason and debatable. What I do not understand is the humour in being termed unintelligible suddenly, when being read all along. Especially when there was chance all through to clarify anything that wasn’t understood earlier, if needed.
That being said, I am quite aware this is not a run of a mill blog. And I want it that way. It is a choice as much if not worser than the choice to read it.

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