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Friday, August 24, 2007

On long lost truths..

There are some truths that are eternal, they dont change in shape or form. One of very first such ones that I remember is the one I picked up at school.
It was written and hung up on the class room ; we sat before it day after day not knowing what it really meant. And it was only long after completing school that the eternity of its value dawned on me.
Most of the readers who went to school with me might remember;

There is no substitute for hard work.
After all these years it still awes me how applicable it is all across regardless of anything and everything.

And I was reminded of this now because I found another favourite on youtube recently. When I had first come across it long back , I had marked the page in the book and went back to it many times over a period of time to chart how I was changing myself.


Finny Forever said...
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Ubermensch said...

Pen might be mightier than sword but its teh keyboard which lets u take back what u said. eh finny?

Finny Forever said...

[more like the provisions of blogger which lets us take back]
eek all the same.

Ubermensch said...


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