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Sunday, June 24, 2007


The Scottish parliament or the Holyrood as it is popularly referred to is perhaps the most excitingly imaginative building I've seen recently. There is not a single piece of predictability in the entire structure. Although at first it might appear that the exterior is unconventional, Im told that it is based on a theme. Most of the unique raw materials are derived to depict the scottishness of it; also here's what very few know - that the unseeable aerial view is built in the form of a harbour with the boats moving in to the dock; a tribute to the history of Edinburgh. The interior, meanwhile is a marvellous epitome of modern imagination unlike most of current architecthought which seems to believe that all beauty must be defined solely by glass and space.

It's not a surprise that the building has been controversial for popular taste, but , I think it complements Edinburgh splendidly.

Here's a aerial view of the structure. Much thanks to
The trouser rollers for letting me use it here.

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