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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today's sundown...

Say cheese...scientifically perfect sundown at 8 pm , Northwest englland.


luz de la luna said...

I'm left mute!

Wonderful shot. I especially like the crimson halo :-) Did you use any special equipment to take the shot?

- Martin

Ubermensch said...

Hey Martin,
Thanks alot.
Strange, I thought about your orange sunset as soon as I shot it.
I have not used any special equipment or Photoshop effect to enhance it,)jus cropped it a bit) What I have used is your advice.Yes its shot with 'your baby' FZ20 :-)

.m. said...

wow, tht's a beautiful round sun we got there :) awesome pic uber

luz de la luna said...

Ooooh you joined the fz20 club! lol :-)

It's an amazing shot. Thanks for sharing :-)

- Martin

Ubermensch said...

tx bix,
luna, ur welcome. tx again for the tips

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