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Monday, May 29, 2006


the more i see of her, the more i havent;
the more i think of her , the more i yearn;
evenings and dreams,
rains and laughs
life and how we sing it-
a heart filled within , an
heavenly beauty
that leaves a kerala-shaped
hole in my universe.

ps: postcard to T, lashed by malabar monsoon.
kerala roadtrip , may 2006


Anonymous said...

God of small things...Molly shaped hole in the universe...

Rajesh said...

ah! Monsoon opera.
enjoy your time.

where at?

luz de la luna said...

Very nice. I like the rhythm.

"life and how we sing it" - great line :-)

< Martin >

Ubermensch said...

tx raj anaon and martin,
raj now in manali:)

El enigma said...


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