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Monday, December 05, 2005

Shadow of the sea.....

[Cropped from the prelogue of an old essay]

What is all that is yours?
All your laughs, tears, goods, bads, truths, untruths, thises and thats?

The sum of all your emotionally coloured lessons admixed with your prison-house cogitations of such post-mortems and such fantasies; all that gets so carefully wrapped, and so incessantly stored in the vaults of your memory as experience. Yes your own special experience! A medium that you so devoutly authorize to sketch the delicate curves of your identity. So priceless, so treasured that little word: I, is but nothing more than a value, of which the only accessible measure is your life (that flows through it) and the only available measurer is that little word again: I.(the you that navigates it)
Thus we begin. In bias! In beauty! In bliss!


AdHocQuirks said...

what does the shadow of the sea have to experience? why is experience a bias?

AdHocQuirks said...

experience is learning; and learning has to have a bias?

Ubermensch said...

Sea doesnt have a shadow, or a shadow that we can see, just like experience. Experience is a process constrained by values, and hence by defintion it becomes a bias. There are no objective means to evaluate the truth of our experiences.Yet the question is , inspite being aware of that, we inexorably assign the highest value to it against anything else.And in that we define our identities as humans.

Learning per se isnt a bias, its an idea, but it cant exist on its own, all learning presupposes a learner, and learner attaches value to things learnt , based on his 'experience'.

Hope its clearer.

AdHocQuirks said...

it is..thanks;

T.S. Idiot said...

Objective means to evaluate truth...

Aristotle (consensus theory): truth is what the majority considers true.

Biblical: truth is what was written in the bible.

Correspondence theory: truth is a degree of correspondence between an ideal and its real world representation.

Coherence theory: truth is the subjective rational acceptability between our belief system and the real world (to objectify truth you must analyze the beholder).

Pragmatism: truth is an idea with a successful consequence.

Social constructivism: truth is what society shapes as truth.

Ubermensch said...

Tony thats almost everything except alcohol which is the only truth I see now

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