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Monday, September 05, 2005

Snowball da macao


ps: a random oulipo spark ends a long blue monday !


AdHocQuirks said...


Sudarshan said...

S+7? couldnt crack it.

k a n u r i t e said...

hmmm... a snowball...nice

Ubermensch said...

razzmatazz, da sun da moon da macao, da macao moocow?:))

its a combination of snowball(one letter extra in word a line) and macao( no letters with long handles/strokes/ like b,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,p,q,t,y)

yeah its been long time , shud do some s+7 some time.

and macao toooo....
sue me:)

Rajesh said...

alright I learned about snowball and macao now. Didn't do wren, and martin too when I could've.

I have a massive recco, if you didn't know already. Life a user's manual by George Perec. Nothing like it ever, before.

Billy said...

the edge and bleeding

Ubermensch said...

thanks!Neither did Borges,Lincoln!! so shall we say monsieur is in good company?:)
Ive never did Perec, but had very point blank recos; for the moment deep in Hocker and guess who ? Monsieur Deleuze!! Sure after these gentlemen.

U reckon so?

Extempore said...
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Ubermensch said...

ah! whose be the freudian click?:)

Free Spirit said...

Clever is the word, I think. =)

Rajesh said...

now that I took the trouble for the recco, guess what? A little more on the book, yonder...

Deleuze? Spent sometime at the book shop with no luck. He is "upon order" list.

Sudarshan said...

Congratz on regaining the urn with grey and amorphous contents ;)...did the party go on until daybreak?
Enjoyed every minute of it...had lost hope when Freddie was sent back.

Free Spirit said...

I miss my regular dose.

Ubermensch said...

Hey belle,
How abt tired?:) Thanks, there u have ur regular.

Deleuze jeez, me found him unclaimed in the uni library! get to Lacan then!

Thanks for the mesage, yeah very cherished this one, frankly one of the best series of our times,it brought so much, and Shane warne What a man !There is no limit to how I have and will always I admire him.

. : A : . said...

Very clever.

Ubermensch said...


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