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Monday, September 26, 2005

Fifty Five Fiction....

Extempore of the evestigio has passed me on one other of those virtual batons. I gather this is about writing anything fictional in fifty five words while indulging in the sentiments of instantaneous word gratification against the backdrop of diminishing attention span.

Whoever behind this idea should be rewarded by forced to read all the volumes of Remembrance of Things Past without any break!

Anyways here goes my flash effort written in the songtime of that lovely- The lonely shepherd by Georghe Zamfir from the Kill Bill OST:

Through the hustle she scrambled into the eastbound Piccadilly train. Finding herself a seat, she opened Brothers Karamazov and started midway through a long passage. The tall guy opposite was snatching a quarter-smile. It was then she noticed an old Brothers Karamazov tucked between his hands.

She smiled back.

That is how Lizzie met Charlie.


On the way back home, Gods accorded a spark of muse. So here is another version:

No, ! ‘Not sea shells seeshells by the seashore’, he repeated again,
‘It’s She sells seashells by the seashore’.

Okay, I’ll try again ‘See shells seecells by the sheeshore’.

No dear, ‘S-h-e s-e-l-l-s s-e-a-s-h-e-l-l-s by the s-e-a-s-h-o-r-e’.

Right, 'See shells sheesells by the seashore'.

Come-on now, ... 'Its See shells seasells by the sheesore'.

She laughed wildy!


And, in here, the baton lies buried .
Dig if you wish.


Extempore said...

Thank you! For both writing and telling their story... I love the clear, serendipitous beauty of the meeting. I only hope my end does your beginning justice. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Bravissimo!

l. koons said...

first timer at your blog. i like it. check out mine if you'd like.

. : A : . said...

I like the first one more.


I can hear The lonely shepherd.

My 55 words are also up!

Ubermensch said...

Thanks extempore;glad u liked it, and these are different charlie and lizzie:) they were lost in russian mela long time:)

Long time, thanks. I have a lot of your blogs to catch up with.Been busy.

thanks for dropping by and the
words.I shall hop around at leisure.

thanks,just checked.
Lonely shepherd is awesome.Go beatrix kiddo!:)

finnegan said...

Although I like both, the first one seems to have a stronger pull.

Like you, I was one of the one tagged by extempore. I thought I'd check everyone out. Glad I did!

My 55 are hanging at my site if you care to have a look-see.

Thanks for partcipating. I thought it was fun, didn't you?

Extempore said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Extempore said...

Oh yes, Uber, they are different alright! Lost in Russian Mela, eh? Surely not long-lost siblings!? :))

As much as I really like the second, I agree with Finnegan, the first has a stronger pull. Maybe its the names, maybe its Brothers Karmazov.

Thanks Uber - for partipating. for indulging the tag. Am glad all of you took the time out.

Ram said...

lovely.. its the 55 word bug everywhere i guess..

got to your blog through .:a:. you have some fabulous posts. i read one about 'choice' (link was given by another blogger, nvbalaji). amazing piece.

Ubermensch said...

Hi Finnegan,
Glad you dropped by.Yes the first one is an universal favourite because its more linear and easy to relate.The second otoh is bordering on schizotypal! personally I enjoyed the doing the second - ignoring all the colourful quiggly spell check lines , was fun indeed!

actually charlie is bisexual and lizzie is yet to decide.:)Who knows they might even be siblings?:)
Thanks for the tag.

long time the sound of the name.
am mighty glad you like my posts(some at least):)Thanks to both yourself and balaji.
Hope to have you around.


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