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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Left of writing...?

[Cropped from an e-mail to a friend]

I might have come to believe in this –If one finds something important in life held in the beauty of words, the easiest and the foremost of the responses after being marvelled by their splendour is to perhaps repeatedly review in silence what has been written there.

Somewhere as these excursions of going over it again and again diminishes, starts a journey to examine how it has been written.

That usually would be followed by a desire, aided by some conviction and a bit of time to pursue who has written that or how consistently he can find many more such words to justify much more beauty such as of that(It is definitely not without a subliminal expectation to fulfill that?)

The last , but the most important of the questions would be to understand why it has been/was written like that?

Rest affirmed, probably somewhere in his faithful journey in answering that vital question, the reader would have unknowingly turned a writer himself!

The question however,just like life, shall continue unanswered...

At the most a writer more.

May be because, it is life herself.


Sudarshan said...

The art or is it the science of writing? Well explained Uber...maybe I will benefit.

Ubermensch said...

Im never good at the art, I only wish i was sudharshan , so i just breeze it in my petty science.

Rajesh said...

yosso, what starts as a roadmap to a writer through the words thrown in a reader's way and if it eventually takes up a life of its own, you call it inherited consciousness.

I am not worried about anyone's extinction anymore :)

Ubermensch said...

Indeed, all consciousness is inherited, some accept inheritance some dont.Ive never believed in extinction anytime of my life.What's with my handle and all?

soms said...

tell me something.. why did YOU write this??

What is that "thing” we seek?? do words hide the actual .. Silence? do we want to possess that silence ? if we do why? Are we so unsure of our own silence?

by the way why is it that one has to go through the process of deciphering what certain strangely arranged letters are to post in your blog ?

Ubermensch said...

I wrote it as a part of a conversation with a dear friend.
You have asked me many questions, Probably my zen answer would be 'go and find out'.:)

AS for the third part;You have lost me long back Im afraid, but it seems you are quite unsettled;
What is it , my friend , that is ailing you??:)

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