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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Corpuscle consciousness

Have started again the evening walks during these orange sunsets,but cant say for how long I would be able to continue; Today was reminded of this while thinking of the absolute indispensability of isolated consciousness.

~ Manchester

In all the world, one man has been born, one man has died.

To insist otherwise is nothing more than statistics, an impossible extension.

No less impossible than bracketing the smell of rain with your dream of two nights ago.

That man is Ulysses, Abel, Cain, the first to make constellations of the stars, to build the first pyramid, the man who contrived the hexagrams of the Book of changes, the smith who engraved runes on the sword of Hengist, Einar Tamberskelver the archer,Luis de Leon, the bookseller who fathered Samuel Johnson,Voltaire's gardner,Darwin aboard the Beagle, a Jew in a death chamber,and,in time,you and I.

One man alone has died at Troy,at Metaurus,at Hastings,at Austerlitz, at Trafalgar, at Gettysburg.

One man alone has died in hospitals, in boats, in painful solitude, in the rooms of habit and of love .

One man alone has looked on the enormity of dawn.

One man alone has felt on his tongue the fresh quenching of water,the flavour of fruit and of flesh.

I speak of the unique, the single man, he who is always, Alone.

~Jorge Luis Borges

Goa ,India.

PS:Yes I collect memories of public benches from all over.


Anonymous said...

Neato like your blog. Added it to my bookmarks to check for updates.

I have a Hunter Ceiling Fan Part site/blog. It pretty much covers Hunter Ceiling Fan Part related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time.

AdHocQuirks said...
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AdhocQuirks said...

true..is it the irony of it or the wonder of it? ty

steppenwolf said...

hey thts one of my fav poems..

luz de la luna said...

Love those words! Thank you for sharing them here :-)

- Martin

Rajesh said...

yeah, one man he who doesn't fight the immediate environs but brings the consciousness about.

Lennon and Peace.

Ubermensch said...

Thanks for the effort.winter nearing, tough luck!

This one from don juan,
Only as a warrior can one survive the pasth of knowledge;
because the art of the warrior is to balance the terror of being a man with the wonder of being a man.

it speaks for itself isnt it?,thanks:)

your welcome and the pleasure is all mine.

For peace.

. : A : . said...

Excellent concept of collecting memories of public benches from all over. Really striking.

Extempore said...

That's one of my favourite pieces from Borges. Try "Nine Dantesque Essays" - vintage Borges and utterly lovely. :)

There is something about benches no? I've always thought that there is something about watching the world go by, wondering if they think the same thoughts as me. :)

Grafxgurl said...

sigh.. you wouldnt find nice benches here...theyre ALWAYS wet.. or covered with bird poo...OR have homeless people sleeping on them...

HI:D first time here... nice place.. and WHAT BEAUTIFUL HANDWRITING YOU HAVE!!! :0...mines like ARABIC!! and i cant read what i write!

Ubermensch said...

Hey extempore
benches are charming icons of commonlife!they speak for themselves.thanks for the reco .

Thanks for dropping by and the nice words.The handwriting is , as I have said ,just a version; if it comes to writing in arabic, i can excel too.ask my secretary.:)

luz de la luna said...

You are a man of many talents Uber!!! :-D

My hand writing is terrible. Well, at least it is... different :-D

Those words you posted from Borges keep coming back to me. They are so beautiful and profound. Time I read him? :-)

- Martin

Ubermensch said...

ooops seems to have overlooked your comment.Yes its interesting indeed, tells alot about people and places. Thanks.

you are flattering me.Glad you like the poem, its Brand Borges.

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept of collecting memories of public benches. Nice photos.

Ubermensch said...

thanks , will ya get me all from cubbon park?

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