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Friday, August 13, 2004

life's favorite metasnaps...

What are my favorite moments? The moments which i cherish with a waning smile and wish to relive for anything in the world. Been wondering about this for sometime now and finally came up with this list...
when u see a stranger smile, when u just sit there trying to figure out what the hell is going on, when u know ur boss is nowhere near being right and u say i agree(with a smile ofcourse), when u sit there and think about all the possible pasts and probable futures, when u look at those squiggly spell check lineson the monitor with delight, when u feel the air ten minutes before it rains, when u just empty an almost overflowing bladder, when u exactly grasp what the writer intended to say in one go, when u close ur eyes while tongue deep in a kiss,when u uncap that pen late in the night to jot down something terribly trivial,when u wake up in the morning and realise that ur still alive............

definitely shall be updated

another one of those supposed poems

Deconstructing life....

like a
wound within
a single horizon
of unconscious pill
i take
another breath,


Swapna Bolleboina said...

I really like your blog and of course your metasnaps too:)
Keep up the work

Ubermensch said...

thanks swapna for those encouraging words.
shall be more proactive in a fortnight.

betty B said...

nice, real nicey.
my life an endless path to Nowhere

jesslin said...

I really liked that poem.

sanjana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sanjana said...

impressive! i like it.
how the heck did u get to my blog??

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