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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


What would you call that feeling which seizes u instanty the moment you bump into an ex and that sudden momentary deep look into his/ her eyes and you feel a turmoil build within as if the world's vaulting into a miniscule meta picture in an illogical rehearsal of an unwanted tragedy!
Whats more painful, is the substance of such a moment is left more for the memory to be haunted than to be enjoyed even by the most pathological sadists who ever breathed oxygen of this planet and all these wordplay fails to put across that squirming feeling with an eternal paradox of seeking for repetition and erosion at the same time.Such a real shame for language.
Its not fondness or envy... its beyond that , for those keen and willing to discover i must say , it is ''hmmmmmmmm........''..... its beyond the clutches of reason or emotion, beyond pain and pleasure....u just tend to say...''hmmmmmmmm........'' the rest is plastered by the mouldings made by your ego in time ,space and matter.....resulting in many people giving a thought about it later on, in grand futility of course !!!
What gives me a tingle is that i havent had that feeling for sometime...!!!

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