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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ricochets 0506

Nothing special to write about.

I suppose the Obama nomination rejuvenates Americans a bit . But one cant trust Americans. Historically, if there isn’t money involved they have always found faith in the conservative or traditional. Not that Obama is expected to work wonders in the capital recession. He is just a symbol of part credibility and part integration for history books. Anyway some change in America means more change in the world. So good. But the bad bit is the end of all Hillary feminist jokes. Ah, ll miss em.


Have started another Simenon and the omnibus Naipaul biography by Patrick French. But given all the other commitments over next couple of months , I expect to hang round with these folks for a while.


One of my habits to conserve time is that I tear off interesting articles from my subscriptions/ newspapers and read them at traffic signals. Sounds weird I know, but isnt time money? It takes a bit of practice but you would be surprised to find how much you would be able to cover. Especially during peak hour morning because the mind is at its freshest and you wouldn’t want to waste it looking at the cars lined as caterpillars.

So, yes, last week I found an old article on Martin Amis lying on the back seat. He makes an interesting point about decadence of masculine psyche in old age as against the feminine. This is something I have often thought about. I think the masculine psyche is at its agile best during middle years when the societal expectation is to provide and support with the self desire to achieve, while the similar period of life in woman is often used only to strive and consolidate ( nowadays, shop and write idiotic blogs).
But the roles are reversed in the later stages of life when men often turn introspective and seek company and assurance while women seem to carry themselves wonderfully with minimal or no support. It is interesting. Amis even cites the example of his close friend Saul Bellow who, apparently asked most of the visitors to his hospital bed that how they reckon the society would remember him? This, after the Nobel, mind you.

As I write this , other noted examples that cross my mind are that of Orhan Pamuk and VS Naipaul, two wonderful writers, who started their careers with the weight of their own expectations and well acknowledged fathers’ influence. But they seem to deteriorate ( at least as I see it) after their prized accomplishments ie Stockholm. And some other men like Walcott are singing in the streets about being bitten by tropical mosquitos or mongooses.

But women on the other hand seem to enter a golden age later in the life. Doris Lessing and Wislawa Szymborska would be relevant examples for the Nobel. Even in many other spheres like women tend to be more self assured and confident as they pass their fifty.

I need more time to think and write about it.

India second or third week, havent confirmed yet, which means I have to cop put a fortune for the flight ticket. Well.

Happy Bloomsday in advance.

Video from last year, Bloomsday reading by Joyceans from all over the world at James Joyce Convention , Dublin. Last year's celebrations were special with all the ambassadors to Ireland participating in the readings. Hha ! will surely miss it this year.

Hmm nothing more. You can try this old interesting one if you have nothing to do.

1. As you are sitting in front of your computer, lift your left foot off the floor and make circles in clockwise directions.
2. Now as you are doing the above try drawing a number six in the air with your right hand.

You will see that beyond your control the foot changes its directions to anticlockwise.

There is a neurological explanation for this. If you are nice to me I’ll tell you someday. Ok drop the nice bit, five quid each.

so long.

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