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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Memories of Capital Wedding

There are certain gifts that have their name written all over a particular ceremony. A digital photo-frame for instance. It is the perfect gift for a wedding, especially when you would say you know the couple not all that well. (which in my book is defined as seeing less than 12 times /year). So the digital photo-frame, the seven inch version has become sort of an instant gift that one can buy without much thought going into it yet please the couple. Who surely shall be more pleased when they are visited by guests.

Over the last six months have dispensed 5 pieces . Have to stop now, the conversations around them are growing painfully monotonous. But its no fault of the digital photo-frame, which is a decent invention but marriage itself which renders brilliant people boring in no time. Truly, marriages ought to be banned, because inside a marriage there isnt anything exciting save the possibility of an affair.Which the linguists exclude from the marriage itself.


Anonymous said...

i remember there was a "casserole" phase once, way back.

i think i like the digital-frame-gift-idea, what with film cameras dying, almost. but let marriages be; can't imagine giving digital frames for an affair.

"congratulations on your affair; many happy returns of the day(?)"


Ubermensch said...

Ha Casserole, Never tried that. May be when we take marriages seriously.

If people would say many returns of the day on your wedding, I wouldnt mind marriage.

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