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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ficcione: Love is Gambling

Perhaps it is the inexplicable layers that lay between the ex-lovers which makes it an impossibility to describe the tumult of the their feelings. It somehow even appears beyond the bound of the metaphors. But they were far too near now to be dealing with metaphors. Amidst all, she held her gaze and managed to whisper 'There is still time for this not to happen'. But she was fully aware of the utter futility of her words, as much as he was. All, as ever before and ever will after would come to this one moment. The air was still and the warmth too delinquent to be ignored. Smile, Wink, Laughter, Power - all the currencies that the world interacts everyday vanished. Time dissipated folding itself into infinite layers of energy. The setting had made up its mind and no light from outside would disturb its purpose.
All love is gambling. But the splendid metaphor, perhaps, a trifle late.

Trivia if unknown: Currency, windows, clocks arent permitted in Gambling houses.

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flats said...

yes, im totally sure, love is one of the worst parts of the gambling, you bid, but who wins? i think now im winning a bit, but u have yo bid more and more...cheers

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