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Monday, September 10, 2007

8 Randoms

Well, Long overdue.Eight random things about yours truly, I'm sure the greeks had a word for them.

1. If I am doing something that I like, I can go sleepless and foodless for days together. The last time I did it was when watching Truffaut collection for 2 nights non stop in a movie club. The longest I have done is 15 days at a stretch. Was young then. But I still can do incorrigible tasks, ergo my popularity during crises.

2. Like most of my friends I hated technology for a long long time. We resisted buying our own mobiles quite late in our lives. But it seems technology had the last laugh. Now I am surrounded by gadgets on all sides. Apart from endless dozens of gadgets I have four laptops and three mobile phones(work n personal). Ridiculous.

3. For all the talk I am quite valueless. Which makes me unbelievably adaptable and flexible. I think mom identified it long back. I had laughed it off when she had told me I could survive any place or premise as far back as 12. But I have come to realise that is true.

4. I am easily attracted to older women because they are more intelligent and expend the inanity. I like the innocence and believability of younger women. But sadly I cant come to associate myself with them. As a principle I rule out anyone less than 22, and it is the women over 35 who tend to be really, women.

5. I can read people reasonably quick. Strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes I wish I couldn’t.
Since there is always something on my mind, it would take about six continuous months for people to say that they have known me.

6. I have a sharp, crookedly dry sense of humour. Grating almost. God save me, no you.

7. I got the perfect long stroke handwriting taught by my mom and a teacher polished it further. It so became a part of my identity that I was fed up of it. Now I have 27 versions of handwriting.

8. I can understand perspectives effortlessly, so it is easy for me not to hate anyone, but I get easily angry when people pretend to talk about something as if they know everything about it. When all they know is gammon and free cocktails. Classical examples would be Indian journalists/copy editors writing movie reviews when they cant even look someone in the eye for a few seconds while talking(close up/deep focus real time shots) or when they haven’t even held a DV camera in their hands. Talk Talk. I hate that. Probably that's the only thing I hate.


Bit Hawk said...

Interesting list! Did not know quite a few of them!

Ubermensch said...

not anymore.

thanks, What?

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