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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Delhi food.....


luz de la luna said...

WOW! :-D

I'm a shutter bug, i'm a voracious reader and lover of words... and I am also a bit of a foodie! So love this post! Save some for me!

- Martin :-)

Ubermensch said...

I thought you would like it Martin.
Its waiting for you.

El enigma said...

God, it looks absolutely yummmmm...not fair, I don't wanna look at all this after I'm back from India :-):-)


Ubermensch said...

hey enig,
glad to see you back here.
Perhaps, it hurts now but what fondness doesnt start off as hurt?

k a n u r i t e said...

damn.. my city.. my food... and I am not there.. not fair! :-(

Ubermensch said...

I cant answer that, I just wish the Photo had a voice to console you, something like 'Im yours'.

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