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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

In search of my K (a tribute to the ego)

There is
a dedalaus, K and
an almasy...


They are not mine.

well, jamie, franz and mikey over there)

There is a cappucino,
a notebook and
a german pen

They are not mine-

(Says who??? - Master card)

even my children
are only

half mine…
(says who?- biology lecturer)

but these:
they come,
go away…....

are mine

mine alone…(hahaha!!)

These words.

10/05/05-18:41- Manchester.


Nithya Swaminathan said...


Havokinthemind said...

Hmm.. hate to put a dampner there.. but considering that the words are open to interpretation as soon as they are out of your head and onto paper/screen.. are they still yours alone?? :) j/k.. good one this

Ubermensch said...

nithya :)

havok..thank u...words imply interpretation but all the 'n' interpretations are attributable to me :))...no one ....in theology one such extrapolation is the master ego popularly abused as god:)
and feel free to speak out any time..:))

Saranya Kishore said...

nice one yoss! :) loved it. [proceeding to read moreee of *your* words :)]

Anonymous said...

haha. nice one~


ps: i like the 'i wud text' bit you've put there. heh~

Anonymous said...

ha ha nice one...now that you have keyed it on your blog, it doesnt belong to you anymore ;)

Sudarshan said...

ha ha nice one...now that you have keyed it on your blog, it doesnt belong to you anymore ;)

Chay said...

and these words are all that make you...truly!!
did u get my mail???

koolsome said...

lol ... nice!!

tragicomix said...

on a completely different note : an extract from the berkley dictionary of slang.

"word" : exclamation
1. an affirmation of agreement. (Question: "I'm going to the movies tonight, dawg - you want to go?" Response: "Word!")
2. When used as a question, equivalent to "Are you serious?" ("Statement: "I met Michael Jackson!" Response: "Word?" 3. mouth. ("You better shut your word hole!")

and that is pretty much what we are..word holes..

Billy said...


T said...

So it isn't just me, my darling! We both have to get back into the swing of blogging about things...I've done my bit...where oh where has my little Uber gone?

Free Spirit said...

Is anything truly just ours?

Missed reading your blog. I'm glad to have the time to do so now. :)

Ubermensch said...

thanks all, sk , sarah,anon,billy, chay,sudharshan,koolsome, feugo, spirit, for the time n the keyboard
tragic word holes indeed

Ubermensch said...


luz de la luna said...

Hello again... long time no write nor blog! I have returned...

Good stuff. The pay off with the last line is great and gave me a smile. I was wondering where it was going up until that point!

- - La Luna - --

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