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Thursday, July 29, 2004

one minute theology

If you believe in god then it becomes one of those endless metaphysical debates(starting from the chicken egg analogy), because to acknowledge the existence of god is to deny the presence of evil which seems quite out of sort with practical life.
two ways out,
1.Minimise the powers of god, so god is no longer omnipotent/omnipresent hence an independent entity from evil.... which throws most religions into the bin.....
2.Become an atheist, which for me is quite funny because, how can u disbelieve something as abstract as that of a concept.its something like i dont believe in 2£@%&^%*...(say its a concept)...so we are entangled in choice either way....
The problem arises because science with its strengths and limitations(one of the most important of them being language) cannot disprove the presence of god.Mind you im not saying  about not proving the absence of god.Most instincts of the masses prefer taking the middleground instead.'both evil and good are needed for life like day and night'
Escape hatch? godel's theorem??? But again the fundamental question remains what makes anyone believe?


Mosher said...

In answer to your question, I'd say "weakness". A common thing to hear when disaster strikes or something is that it's "God's will". So basically, you've got something to blame when it all goes to shit.

Ta for checking out my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, Zap! I enjoyed the feedback on my very early construct of a utopian society (it was late and I was feeling a little bit idealist :)) ... I also enjoyed your posts. What makes someone believe, you ask? Well, I think it is the comfort in knowing that you aren't responsible for everything. Like the other comment said, there's someone to blame for the crap and there's someone to turn to during the crap beyond a bunch of fictitious endotherms who pretend to be 'friends'. Gee, that sounds so pessimistic. Well, it's that kind of week ;) ... Keep up the posts!

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